We continue to contribute to the educational development of artisanal mining communities! From April 26th to 28th, over 20 teachers and specialists from public educational centers in the settlements of the provinces of Camaná, Condesuyos, and Caravelí in the Arequipa region participated in the kickoff training of the “¡Qué Maestro!” Program, an initiative promoted by Fidamar and the NGO Enseña Perú, held in Lima.

This program is part of Fidamar’s comprehensive education support plan, which will last approximately 9 months and benefit students in the settlements of Secocha, Chala, Iquipí, and Ispacas.

We are proud to collaborate with committed educators who wish to make a significant difference in the lives of their students and in the development of their communities. This effort was made possible thanks to the valuable strategic partnership we maintain with the NGO Enseña Perú. Together, we are working to provide support and resources to teachers who face unique challenges in educational environments close to artisanal mining.

¡Qué Maestro! is a special program of continuous training and accompaniment that complements the efforts of the Ministry of Education to strengthen the pedagogical and leadership capacities of teachers within the framework of Good Teaching Performance.

We thank the participants of this training for their effort, dedication, and enthusiasm in this important initiative that seeks to generate a positive impact on the future of artisanal mining communities.