We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully completed maintenance and infrastructure improvement works, as well as the delivery of equipment and furniture, in the following educational and health institutions in Arequipa:

– Santa Rosa Initial Education Institution (I.E.I.), Atiquipa district, Caravelí province.

– Secocha Initial Education Institution (I.E.I.), Mariano Nicolás Valcárcel district, Camaná province.

– Iquipí Health Center, Río Grande district, Condesuyos province.

Our social investments aim to strengthen access to essential services for more than 3400 people and have included the construction of offices, improvement of sidewalks and perimeter walls, roofing of courtyards, improvement of sanitary services, equipment and furniture for psychomotor, pedagogy, and administrative areas, renovation of electrical systems, improvement of rainwater drainage on roofs, improvement of safety elements, and painting of environments.

The primary beneficiaries will be children aged 3 to 5 from the populated areas of Secocha and Santa Rosa, as well as residents in need of health care in the Río Grande district. Through these actions, we seek to contribute to the well-being and sustainable development of artisanal mining communities.

The results obtained were the outcome of coordinated work with the #UGEL Camaná, #UGEL Caravelí, and the Camaná-Caravelí Health Network.

Thanks to everyone who made this project possible! We continue working with passion and commitment to generate impact for the future in more artisanal mining communities in our country.