In 2017, PX Précinox and Dynacor Gold Mines Inc. decided to join forces to create their own project - named PX IMPACT® - with the aim of contributing to the economic, social and environmental development of the small-scale miners in Peru.

PX IMPACT® aims to have a real and positive impact on small-scale miners and their communities by providing them with practical assistance through projects which are implemented by FIDAMAR and financed by the PX Impact® Fund.

The resources of the PX Impact® Fund originate from the final customers of PX Précinox SA who pay an additional amount (premium) for the gold supplied by our artisinal and small-scale miner partners. The amount of the premium varies between 220 and 500 USD per kilo and is dependent on the annual quantities purchased. 100% of this premium is paid back into the fund, and reinvested locally in the mining communities through FIDAMAR.

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