Dynacor is a corporation engaged in gold production by processing ore purchased from the formal and duly registered ASM (Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining) industry. It has been operating in Peru since 1996, through its subsidiary Minera Veta Dorada SAC, which runs an ore processing plant with a capacity of 430 MT per day in Chala, Arequipa (Peru).
The corporation’s business model has grown steadily over the past twenty-five years and has since positioned itself in the medium mining sector in Peru. In addition, to being the leader processing company that buys from ASMs, the corporation has published a first sustainability report (ESG) with reference to the Global Reporting Initiative - GRI Standards (2020).
Dynacor, a dividend-paying corporation, is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol DNG.
Through its operations, the corporation is a leader in developing artisanal and small-scale mining communities, mainly in Arequipa, Ayacucho and La Libertad.
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PX Précinox was behind the creation of PX Group SA and its sister companies. Today, on the strength of its 45 years' experience, the firm has made processing of precious metals its speciality. The company's day-to-day activity involves waste treatment, refining, and the development and manufacture of alloys, drawn and rolled semi-finished products, of cut and stamped components, as well as of banking products. Its products stand out for the high-quality alloys and complex shapes, of which the firm's hundred or so staff, engineers or other experts, have a perfect command. On top of this its production remains exclusively in-house, from end to end of the chain, which ensures unfailing traceability.
PX Prlcinox is willingly committed to sustainable development. Out of its concern from the origin of its raw material and environmental impacts, it has committed to responsible gold sources, and works day-in day-out to minimise its footprint.
It is for all these qualities that industries as demanding as luxury goods, the medical sector, aeronautics, automotive, electro-technical and communication all employ its services.
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Minera Veta Dorada is a subsidiary of Dynacor Gold Mines Inc., operating the Veta Dorada processing plant, which has an ore processing capacity of 430 MT per day in Chala, Arequipa (Peru).
The company purchase gold ore from formal companies, small-scale miners and artisanal miners listed in the formalization process approved by the Peruvian government.
It has also implemented prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing risk system, which verifies no child or forced labor in production areas.
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